Prime Minister's Questions

Constituents are able to attend any question session in Parliament.

Health Questions

My question to the Health Secretary.

We must never forget the Holocaust

This week I signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment.

Prime Minister unable to guarantee future of Hackney's EU citizens

Seven months after the referendum and the PM still cannot give support to those who have contributed so much to our country.

Commonwealth War Graves Internship

Internships for 18-25 year olds funded from LIBOR fines and backed by the Government as part of its commemoration of the centenary of the Great War.

Community Housing Fund won't touch the sides

Laughable amount allocated to Hackney.

Visit to Hoxton pharmacy to discuss health cuts

Please support your local pharmacy.

Liaison Committee questions the Prime Minister

I challenged the Prime Minister about health and social care funding.

The Government should stop blaming the unions for its own failures

I fully support RMT and Aslef in their efforts to maintain passenger safety.

Hackney student recognised at national awards

Hackney Community College student highly commended at the Association of Colleges’ Student of the Year awards.

A century of Scouts

This year The Scout Association is marking the centenary anniversary of the Cub Scout movement since it began in December 1916.

Opposition motion on Brexit

Theresa May now says she wants a red, white and blue Brexit. I don’t care what colour the Government choose, without a plan it remains a blank sheet of paper.

Openreach to separate from BT

BT has had its chance. Now we need to crack on with getting super-fast broadband across Hackney.

World AIDS Day

We need to raise awareness, fight prejudice and improve education.

Centre for Public Scrutiny Annual Conference

My speech about the value of scrutiny.

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