I will continue to fight for Hackney

Published on: 9 June 2017

General Election acceptance speech:

“Thank you for your confidence in electing me as MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch for the 4th time.

“This campaign has shown that people in Hackney have had enough of austerity. They’ve responded to the hope in Labour’s offer to the people of Britain.

“In Hackney we’ve seen the Tories hit people’s aspirations hard.

“The ladder of opportunity has had its lowest rungs knocked away by the Conservative Government – it’s now a very long reach for so many people in Hackney to the first rung.

“The scrapping of the education maintenance allowance, the nursing bursary and the cap on housing benefit and the bedroom tax are just some examples of how the Tories have hit the poorest who aspire to better jobs and secure housing.

“And the cutting of free school meals, and school funding have really bitten with voters in recent days. Parents have risen up against cuts to schools and the hopes of our young people.

“Add to this the incompetence in managing the NHS, education and housing and the Tories cavalier approach to leaving the EU and the Tories have failed our country.

“Trust that I will continue to fight for Hackney, and for those who have no voice and for our children’s future.”