Published on: 10 October 2017

Do the advertisement campaigns of high street retailers reflect the diversity of Britain?

I want to hear from you on whether or not you think this is an issue. When you’re next shopping on the high street or browsing online, look past the clothes and think; do those models look like the London we live in?

Complete the short survey below and email me your findings at meghilliermp@parliament.uk.

You can get involved on social media too, using #ModelsLikeMe

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A. Name and address of the shop

B. Consider the ethnic backgrounds that you see in the images displayed throughout the shop. How many of the models in the shop were from BAME backgrounds?


C. Are the models ethnically diverse?

D. Are there things that the retailer could do to make its advertising more representative?

E. Do you feel that the shop accurately reflects diversity in other ways, such as age, size and disability?

F. Did your findings match the expectations that you had before starting the survey?

G. Please provide me with any further comments or feedback on this issue that you feel are relevant to the representation of diversity in shops