Renters can breathe easier

Published on: 25 January 2018

Around 30% of all homes in Hackney are privately rented and Labour MP Karen Buck’s Bill requires landlords and agents to ensure rental properties are fit for human habitation. This Bill will significantly benefit the people of Hackney and I am pleased to report it passed its second reading in Parliament on 19 January.

For the first time, what ‘fit for human habitation’ means is outlined in the Bill, as well as new regulations that agents have to ensure properties abide by.

The Bill also enables tenants to receive compensation from landlords when they don’t maintain the ‘fitness for human habitation’ standards. This will allow some renters to breathe easier as inadequate housing standards can cause a spike in costs when, for example, individuals have to pay for extra electric heaters or dehumidifiers as I have seen in many individuals cases.

The Bill is now with the Public Bill Committee and the first sitting of the committee is yet to be announced. I will continue to watch the progress of the Bill as it moves through Parliament.