Fuel poverty- reply

I have now received a reply from Gregory Barker, MP, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change regarding fuel poverty.

Cyclist safety debate

I fully endorse The Times campaign on cities fit for cyclists. As the Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on cycling, I spoke in the debate on cyclist safety on 23rd February.

The Welfare Reform Bill

The Government is proposing a cap of £500 a week for every couple and lone parent household, or £26,000 a year. Recipients of disability living allowance and war widows will not be affected; however the cap will affect 68,000 households nationally.

EDM 2531 ‘Close season for hare shooting’

There is a need for farmers to manage damage to their crops and livelihood. However, there needs to be a balanced approach between people managing their land and ensuring the long-term health of the hare population.

The Recall of MPs

The Governments proposals for a recall were debated on the 20th January in the House.

The NHS risk register

I have been contacted by many of you asking me to press for the release of the NHS risk register.

Events in Syria

I have been shocked at the events taking place in Syria. The repression of innocent people is deplorable.

Foreign Office response to Congolese elections

I previously wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to raise concerns which many of you contacted me about regarding the events in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have now received a reply on this issue.

Please click on title of this article for full text of the reply.

Daylight Savings Bill

I have recently been contacted by some constituents regarding the Daylight Savings Bill which reached Report Stage in the House on Friday 20 January.

I am aware that this is a controversial debate with strong feelings across all political parties and has been an issue which has come to Parliament on numerous occasions in previous years.

Events in the Congo

Many of you have written to me raising your concerns over the mass demonstrations taking place in the Congo.

Housing debate

Meg tabled a debate in Parliament this week to challenge the Government on housing benefit reforms

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